Wednesday, October 5, 2011

UAA Homecoming Dance photos, including Photobooth, are in!

Hello Seawolves,
The Homecoming Dance last Friday was a huge success. Students were having fun dancing the night away.

The Photobooth was a big hit and we got a lot of great photos from it.

Madisyn Vrem, the owner of PartyPix Photobooth was kind enough to post all those photos up on the PartyPix Facebook page. You should all check it out. 

The students really enjoyed the chocolate and caramel fountain -- there was ALWAYS a long line of students wanting to dip the various fruits available.

The highlight of the night for me was when the DJ played one of my favorite song from the '80s Journey Don’t Stop Believing. As the song started playing, everyone on the dance floor not only started dancing to it but they started to sing along.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of Homecoming Week and be on the lookout for another dance sometime during the Spring semester.
-- Robert

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