Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Barista Shopping Cart, plus tips on Kendall fun

Today at the coffee shop I was asked to create a coffee that did not taste like coffee and was light on the caffeine,  but could wake the customer up. Well at first, I made an Angel Kiss Mocha (French Vanilla and Marshmallow) with whip and caramel sauce on top.

This drink, however, still tasted too much like coffee. So on to plan B.

I made a Raspberry Vanilla White Chocolate Mocha Frap. I ended up using a little bit of half and half and vanilla frap powder to create this master piece, which I will say my customer loved!

Later in the day, I was asked if I would like to decorate a shopping cart for my coffee shop.  And of course, I said yes. I spent my day brainstorming how I would decorate my cart. I decided that a coffee pot would fit best, being a coffee shop and all.

After learning about quadratic and linear equations in my math class, my friend, Amillia and I got the materials needed and got to work. After an hour and half (and putting off some reading homework), we ended up with a nice little coffee cart. I can't wait to see all the carts tomorrow during the parade. I personally will not be able to push my shopping cart, but it will be in the parade. The cart parade starts at 2:15 p.m. and I can tell you from personal experience that there are some good carts and it will be difficult to pick a winner.

The Kendall is this weekend and I can not wait. Head Hockey Coach Dave Shyiak and Associate Head Hockey Coach Campbell Blair come see me at the coffee shop everyday to get their daily cup of Joe, and we have talked about this weekend's games often. I can tell you that they are both excited and said that they should be good games.

I am helping out with the Kendall this year and I can assure you that we have a great pre-show planned for everyone, so you better get there early to get good seats. Seawolf Thunder will even be there, and I know they have some new beats to show off.

Don't forgot about the Student VIP room! Who doesn't want FREE soda, popcorn, chili  and prizes. Also did you get a Homecoming coffee cup? If so, do stop by Fireside Cafe, Spirit Express, Cuddy Coffee House, or Union Station Cafe to get free drip for the rest of the week. Until next time...
-- Christina

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