Thursday, October 6, 2011

TONIGHT! A Cappella Festivella

What a show, tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Wendy Williamson Auditorium. This is the 18th annual A Cappella Festivella, which really says something about history and tradition. Besides Sonos, you will hear Pitch Slapped and our very own UAA Glee Club. So come on out for a great time tonight.

Zac Clark of the UAA Concert  Board worked hard to put together A Cappella Festivella and comedian Mike Birbiglia as special Homecoming entertainment, and he was on the radio at KLEF with Rick Goodfellow promoting the show just the other day. We asked Zac about that experiences, and here's what he had to say.

What was your main topic on the radio interview? How long were you on?
I was lucky enough to spend an hour in-studio, which ended up being three breaks of about 3-5 minutes each. We spent most of the time discussing A Cappella Festivell 18, also talked comedian Mike Birbiglia, and what Homecoming means to UAA.
UAA's Glee Club will perform tonight. Here, at Green & Gold Gala.

What was Rick the most interested in?

Mainly interested in all the great things UAA is doing in general. Every department at UAA is doing something amazing, he was really interested in giving the Anchorage community  a look into UAA life!

How did A Cappella Festivella get started?

One of the first student Concert Board members saw how popular A Cappella festivals were at other campuses, and wanted to try and capture that at UAA. Now it's in in its 18th year!

Why is it soooo popular on the college circuit?

It is fun for the whole family! People usually know the songs and can sing along! Not to mention getting up and dancing!

Is this the first appearance at festivella of the UAA Glee Club?
This is UAA Glee Club's first appearance at A Cappella Festivella! They are currently the only requested vocal club at UAA. They do a lot of things, from singing to improv.  They are a group gaining a big following!

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