Thursday, October 6, 2011

8 A.M. Thursday: Did somebody mention FREE COFFEE?

Serious muffins
Good Morning Seawolves (free coffee, muffins, bagels and cream cheese, a Homecoming Week treat) brightened the lobby of the Administration/Humanities Building deep on the east side of campus early Thursday morning.

Skateboard as handy breakfast tray.
What a great smile, for 8 a.m.!
Advancement staffers Jessica Reyna, Heather Karwowski and Alumni Relations representative Julia Martinez and Chancellor Tom Case were there to greet students creeping sleepily toward 8-ish a.m. classes. They passed out Homecoming 2011 T-shirts and the bottomless Homecoming drinking cups -- good for free drip coffee the rest of this week all over the campus coffee havens. 

Matt, from the History of Philosophy class that was meeting in the building, said his professor kindly suggested the class head to the lobby and fortify themselves with food and coffee. He and other students were happy to comply!

"All gone," says Jess.
Jessica and Heather said they caught people headed in to two morning classes, a break in between classes and those trailing through the building on business, including members of the Classified Council meeting in ADM 204. 

By 10 a.m., the only thing left was coffee, water and one XXL Homecoming T-shirt. Job well done!

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