Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday is an amazing day for Homecoming FREE FOOD

To begin with, you're probably just finishing up your  morning coffee at one of THREE Good Morning Seawolves breakfast treats. There was one at the UAA Campus Bookstore, one at the Aviation Center, and one at the University Center. Each of these has a sponsor, so thank you to the Bookstore, to Student Activities and Commuter Student Services, and to Chancellor Tom Case.

This afternoon, from 1-3 p.m. in the Rasmuson Lobby, the Confucius Institute is serving some traditional Chinese food, in the spirit of Homecoming. Thank you, Confucius Institute, for this ambitious and delicious plan!

Tomorrow is another great day for FREE FOOD. Besides Good Morning Seawolves at Gorsuch Commons Wednesday, there's a great Greek Life BBQ outside the WFSC. Come and play kid games at Field Day, and enjoy a BBQ right in the middle. Pray for sunshine! If Mother Nature doesn't cooperate, we'll be back with details on where events will be located. 

Thursday features a healthy-eating BBQ in Rasmuson Hall, courtesy of the Student Health Center, and a Good Morning Seawolves in the Administration Building, thanks to Advancement and Alumni Relations. 

Friday, USUAA will treat with a Good Morning Seawolves outside their Student Union offices. 

Eat! You've got to keep up your strength to cheer at the Kendall!

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