Tuesday, October 4, 2011

UAA Homecoming Dance photos, coming tonight

Robert Tran is one busy guy, but says he'll try hard to get some UAA 2011 Homecoming Dance photos posted tonight. We'll share and link to them as soon as we see them. 

Other news from Robert: the surprise at Homecoming Dance was a Photobooth! And the 1,253 students who attended blasted past last year's number, 1,200 attendees.

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  1. I would love to go to one of these dances. Currently I´m living in Argentina so I don´t have thechance to attend homecoming dances because it is not a tradition here. However, they have other interesting traditions. For example, if you have an apartment rental in Buenos Aires you invite everybody you know over to drink andlisten to music. It does not matter if the place is small, they say heart is big!