Friday, September 30, 2011

Talking up Homecoming Week on KLEF

It's not everyday you get invited onto the radio to talk about your work. But Jess Durdahl was invited by KLEF radio's Rick Goodfellow to come and talk about UAA Homecoming 2011 at 7 a.m. !!! on Sept. 28. Here's her report:

How long was the interview?   My portion of the interview lasted around 10 minutes.

What did you talk about? I was the first person to go so I mainly gave an overview of Homecoming week and focused on a new event, the Homecoming Shopping Cart Parade, and a service event -- the Homecoming Blood Drive.

How did Rick react to the Homecoming events – what was he most interested in? Rick was a strong supporter of both UAA and the various Homecoming events we have going on. He seemed very interested that UAA had events for Homecoming that lasted over a week and that there was something for everyone!

Was this a call in? 

Were you nervous? No, it was my first on-air radio experience,  but I had a lot of fun with it.

Did you bring students with you? Yes, we had Mallory Wetherington with the Campus Programming Board and Devon with Student Activities.

How did it feel being on the radio?
It was a neat experience and made me want to try my hand in radio in the future.

Have you done a lot of this before? With the nature of my job/personality I have done a lot of public speaking, but have not done any on-air interviews in the past.
Was Rick good at putting you at ease? Rick was great! He had a genuine appreciation for UAA and loved helping us get the word out about Homecoming and the rest of campus.

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