Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Got poems?

As way of introduction: I'm Joe Selmont, a junior/senior in the English literature program, a hater of sentimentality (with an occasional soft spot for some gush), and a huge poetry nerd.

Maybe y'all have seen the flyers for Viva la Poem. That's my contribution to this wonderful week of Homecoming. I like to think of myself as an advocate for poetry culture on campus, and this is one of the ways to let that culture thrive.
With the dance kicking off Homecoming this Friday, there's been a ton of work to do. I'm constantly Facebook-promoting, yelling at my friends to spread the word, plastering posters all over downtown, emailing interested poem-folks, and running in smaller and smaller circles. I haven't gone full blown crazy yet, but by George I'm trying.

Allow me a moment of shameless promotion: COME TO THIS EVENT! I'll shake your hand and pour you a cup of coffee. In exchange for that, you can get on our homely stage and read some poetry. Your poem, your friend's poem, T.S. Eliot or Missy Elliot's poem -- it doesn't matter. Come share with us a poem that means something to you. Poetry is just a pretty way to communicate, so come chat with us. I'll look for your face.

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