Friday, September 30, 2011

Shopping Cart Parade details, and remember, sign up by today

So where did the Shopping Cart Parade idea come from? We asked Jessica Dyrdahl, working in Student Clubs and Greek Life. She's organizing it and has the background. 

The shopping cart idea came from members of the Homecoming committee and we ran with the idea. I believe one of the committee members had heard about a similar parade at another college campus.

How are sign-ups going? 
Colin Buness of SU and Student  Commuters.

Sign-ups are coming in steadily. We are looking to have every cart decorated though,  so we're still encouraging others to sign-up!

So who are some of the groups that have taken the plunge and secured their shopping carts? 

Here are some examples of people that have signed up:
  • New Student Orientation/Wolf Pack
  • Student Activities
  • West Hall
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • UAA Campus Bookstore
Who else from your area is working on Homecoming events?

For the BBQ, Greek Council is sponsoring the one on Wednesday. Clubs are getting ready by planning various events and attending Homecoming programs.

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